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Mukti Conferment Oxygen Concentrators to the Chief of the Gram Panchayats

The second wave of Covid-19 has not even ebbed that the leading experts of the nation sounded alarm bells for a possible third wave and its possible disproportionate impact on vulnerable groups like children. This could put the rural healthcare system under pressure again. Hence, before the third wave, we need to be prepared for minimizing the impact of the pandemic on innocent lives.

In this case, Mukti engaged field workers to identify the most affected areas. After the survey Mukti came to know that Namkhana and Kakdwip are the two blocks where the epidemic is advancing at an unstoppable pace. Mukti decided to send oxygen concentrators to the healthcare centers in these two blocks before the third wave arrives.

Mr. Jagannath Jana, team member of Mukti and the convener organized a meeting on 08th September 2021, Wednesday, 2 pm at Kakdwip super-specialist hospital community hall where he deployed the OCs to the 5 Gram Panchayat Chiefs (Pradhans) of Patharpratima and Kakdwip block under the supervision of Mr. Avirup Mondal, the ACMOH (Assistance Chief Medical Officer of Health) of Kakdwip sub-divisional hospital and Mr. Krishnendu Roy, the Super of Kakdwip super-specialist hospital.

The meeting was attended by 31 people-

Name Designation
Mr. Basudeb Das Chief of Swami Vivekananda GP
Mr. Gouranga Purkait Chief of Surjanagar GP
Mr. Biswanath Bera Chief of Srinagar GP
Mr. Kamal Bhunia Deputy- chief of Surjanagar GP
Mr. Bidyut Gharai Assistant of Durgachoti GP
Mr. Haphiuddin Molla Superior of Sri Sri Ramkrishana GP
Mr.Krishnapada Satuya Councilor of Kakdwip blood bank sub-divisional hospital
Sk. Ahamudulla Social worker
Mr. Subrata Pranigrahi Social worker

Along with them 12 ANM (Auxiliary nurse midwife) and 7 Asha workers were present at the meeting.

Mukti expresses sincere thanks to “Bichitra”, “Garden State Cultural Association”, “Piramal” and Pratham organization for providing concentrators for the poor and needy patients who have become the victims of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Donors Name Places of deployment No of concentrators
Bichitra Swami Vivekananda GP 2
GSCA Surjanagar GP 2
Piramal& Pratham Sri Sri Ramkrishna, Srinagar and Durbachoti GP 6
3 5 GPs 10

These OCs will be provided to the patients who are in home isolation and with the help of Panchayat members, we could able to reach out to maximum needy beneficiaries.

Mr. Jagannath Jana is maintaining the data and record for the deployment of the OCs.

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