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Mukti Conducted ACV with Heterogeneous Vulnerable Groups

Positive contact and interaction among communities can stamp out ethnic fears, misconceptions, and stereotypes. The project ACV (Amplifying Community Voices) aims to reduce future conflict and promote ethnic reconciliation by creating safe spaces where people from different communities, ethnic minorities, and commonly excluded groups can come together to build resilient relationships and engage in conversations on community-based key issues that drive conflict.

Mukti in association with “OAK Foundation” organizes 6 such community meetings from 15th – 18th November 2021 at Herembogopalpur GP under Patharpatima block by bringing the heterogeneous vulnerable groups (adolescents, women, farmers, fisher fellows, daily labor, teachers etc) across the community together to learn about issues and share perspectives whose lives are most affected by the policies, systems and structures in the communities they serve. Community leaders are selected in the meeting.

Mukti is honored for having “OAK Foundation” as a supportive partner and making a difference. Their continued support of the mission is deeply gratifying for Mukti.

The meetings have been conducted by 3 field mobilizers- Mr. Alok Jana, Mr. Arup Karan, Ms. Panchami Shit, 1 supervisor- Mr. Pinaki Naiya, OAK project coordinator- Ms. Nandita Jayraman and Panchayat members.

Area Name Gram Panchayat Number of Meetings Conducted Number of Participants Leaders Selected
Kuyemuri Herembogopalpur 2 15 10
Purba Surendranagar Herembogopalpur 1 12 3
Dakshin Kashinagar Herembogopalpur 2 16 10
Herembogopalpur Herembogopalpur 1 14 5
4Areas 1 GP 6  57  28
Mukti Conducted Community Meetings with Heterogeneous Vulnerable Groups Under ACV Project

Issues discussed in the meeting:

Issues identified by farmers

  1. Presence of saline water in the land, especially after every catastrophe.
  2. Lack of proper knowledge about the soil and application of pesticides or other manure.
  3. Training needs on bio farming
  4. Unaware of Government schemes and support
  5. Permanent solutions for river embankment

Women headed family or women members of the family

  1. Specific training according to the market needs
  2. Market linkages
  3. Awareness of gender discrimination (especially on child marriage, school dropouts, domestic violence etc)
  4. Health relate awareness (health during pregnancy/ menstrual health etc)
Mukti Conducted Community Meetings with Heterogeneous Vulnerable Groups Under ACV

Issues identified by Fisher fellows

  1. Market linkages
  2. Unaware of Government schemes or training
  3. Support for purchasing fishing equipment

Migrant workers

  1. Request received to create job opportunities in local areas
  2. Knowledge regarding schemes, vocational training
  3. Market analysis
Mukti Conducted Community Meetings with Heterogeneous Vulnerable Groups Under ACV

ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services) and Asha workers

  1. Awareness build-up on early marriage and early pregnancy
  2. Awareness of infant and children’s health
  3. Awareness of adolescents social and health issues


  1. Proper education support for the local students with minimal fees
  2. Book bank support

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