MUKTI Coaching Centers Are Creating Enthusiasm Among The School Students

MUKTI Coaching Centers Are Creating Enthusiasm Among The School Students

Interest in the Mukti Coaching Centers is increasing due to team Mukti’s efforts. Mukti has completed a big list of activities such as collection of returned books , book selection, organization of a Guardian’s forum , result compilation and conclusive discussion, admission of current year students, collection of admission fees, book and study material distribution, and last but not the least, the prize distribution in the stipulated time frame. This is the primary reason behind the success stories of students of Mukti Coaching Centers. As a fruitful outcome of this, the student count of 965 in 2014 increased to 1033 in 2015 and in the current year (2016), the student count has further increased to 1048. In the year 2014, 95 students appeared for Madhyamik examination, in the very next year, this increased to 121. Out of this 121, 110 students passed, with 4, 49, and 57 students securing first, second, and third divisions, respectively. This is an excellent outcome compared to other established schools in the area.

Student strength in different classes in Mukti Coaching Centers

Coaching Centers V VI VII VIII IX X Total
Jogendrapur Coaching Center 34 31 27 28 22 23 165
Uttar Kankandighi (A) 33 26 26 27 31 28 171
Uttar Kankandighi (B) 28 29 32 21 35 29 174
Doctor Gheri Coaching Center 9 16 13 17 28 17 100
Damkal Coaching Center 30 21 24 23 18 14 130
Nagendrapur Coaching Center 9 12 8 14 17 14 77
Borodanagar Coaching Center 19 7 16 14 17 6 79
Purbasridharpur Coaching Center 21 28 15 32 35 21 152
Total   1048


To further increase student population, and to improve the quality of teaching, Mukti has decided to take following actions:

  1. In those coaching centers where student admission is below the targeted capacity, teachers should be more proactive and focused about student enrolment.
  2. Teachers should maintain a close follow up with parents and they should be sensitized about the student’s academic status.
  3. Teachers should be more attentive and caring towards students.
  4. Lesson plan should be emphasized upon.
  5. The Institute should upgrade itself in line with modern and latest education techniques.
  6. Coaching Centre’s supervision should be improved.
  7. Every Centre should have at least one Science Graduate teacher.


Upcoming year’s strategy:

  1. Every center should have at least 5 teachers and classes should be held regularly, 5 days a week.
  2. At least one center should be established on Mukti Institute’s personal land.
  3. Appoint a Center supervisor.
  4. Initiate scheduling of monthly examination at the respective coaching centers.


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