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Mukti Celebrates the 75th Anniversary of India’s Independence

Like every year, this year too Mukti celebrates the biggest annual celebration, the 75th anniversary and the 76th independence day of India’s independence on 15th August with the whole nation. 25,500 people including Mukti Support School students- teachers, parents, SAM (Sustainable Agricultural Movement) farmers, MCDF (Mukti Community Fund) members, ACV (Amplifying Community Voices) project members, local people, Mukti staff and volunteers observe the day by hoisting the tri-color flag, participating in rallies with placards social awareness messages written on them, wearing traditional dresses, organizing cultural programs, delivering speeches, praising the name of freedom fighters, singing national anthem etc. The occasion ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ has been invariably toasted with great enthusiasm, excitement and tribute to freedom fighters. Along with remembering the renunciation of the freedom fighters, all the members of the Mukti family have taken some resolutions in their respective fields. They all pledged to strictly abide by this resolution. This year’s Independence Day is special compared to other years for this particular reason.

MSS (Mukti Support School) – 5,000 students of 37 MSS centers, their teachers, parents from the very early morning ignoring the rain have been gathered in their respective schools to celebrate the day. They have decorated the pictures of the freedom fighters with garland and flowers. Teachers have hoisted the flags and “Jana Gana Mana” has been sung. They marched in their respective areas carrying placards with social awareness slogans and national flags. They have written the slogans by themselves. Various cultural programs and discussions have been organized. The teachers have organized a quiz competition for them. Pens have been given to all the students who participated in the quiz. At the end of the program, some refreshments are arranged for them.

SAM farmers – 150 farmers of Nagendrapur and 275 farmers of Kankandighi GP have celebrated the day separately. Kankandighi framers gathered in the Jogendrapur School compound ground to observe the day. After the flag hoisting, at the Prabhat Ferry, they created various slogans in favor of organic farming and have made common people aware not to eat vegetables produced by toxic chemical fertilizers. They themselves have resolved to adopt non-toxic organic farming. They then made some of their speeches – Organic farming in the light of freedom, – it’s past and present status and to encourage more farmers in the future to take interest in organic farming. Farmers of Nagendrapur participated in the celebration at the Mukti Library office. There also the same process has been followed.

MCDF – 17,000 MCDF members of 22 branches have observed the day at their respective branches. Like the MSS students and SAM farmers, they have also hoisted the Tiranga at their respective branch premises and have taken different resolutions.

ACV project members – 40 ACV members and the adolescent group of Herembogopalpur,  kuyemuri , Purba Surendranagar and Dakshin Kasinagar maujas have gathered together in front of Kuyemuri high school to celebrate freedom. The program has been divided into two parts. In the morning they hoisted the national flag and have sung the national anthem. From 2 pm onwards they participated in rallies and the adolescent group also participated in cycle rallies with awareness slogans. After the rally, the willing members shared their views on women’s freedom before and after independence. A small street- play on early child marriage has been performed by the adolescent group. An open questioner session has been conducted after the play where the attendees have been requested to share their viewpoint on the said topic. Cultural events have been performed by both the women ad adolescent groups. At around 4:30 pm the whole celebration of Independence Day has ended.

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