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Mukti and ASFHM Meeting at Purba Medinipur

On 28th August, 2021Saturday Mukti officials visited Purba Medinipur to attend a meeting with the ASFHM (Advanced Society For Headmaster and Headmistress). The meeting was organised at Kelomal Santosini High School. On the 28th morning at around 6:30 AM they started for Purba Medinipur and reached at 10:00 AM.

The whole program was divided into two parts. The program started at 10 AM. At the beginning of the program, two students of Kelomal Santoshini High School welcomed the guests with sandalwood (Chandan) and bouquet.  Students of classes 7 and 11 participated in the inaugural song and dance. The representatives of the NGOs of “Srijan” from Purba Medinipur and “Sonket” from Kolaghat also welcomed Mukti officials.

The position of the President of the meeting was held by Mr. Chandan Maity, the state committee general secretary of ASFHM. Mr. Haridas Ghatak, the state President of ASFHM was presented as a special guest. Mr, Sankar Halder, the President and Founder of Mukti, Mr. Satyajit Roy, the Secretary of Mukti, Dr. Raghunath Bairagi, the project coordinator of MCDF and Mr. Mrinmoy Majhi, the Headmaster of the school, the regional office coordinator of Mukti and the president of ASFHM of Purba Medinipur district participated as the speaker. The importance of the meeting was further enhanced by their invaluable speeches. 80 headmasters and headmistresses of the ASFHM organisation from different schools of Purba Medinipur joined the meeting.

Mr. Majhi in his welcome speech thanked Mukti for supporting them with oxygen concentrators in combating the Covid-19 pandemic. ASFHM volunteers used those concentrators in 120 oxygen parlors in various districts of West Bengal for the needy Covid patients. ASFHM will be grateful forever to Mukti for helping the victims of the cyclone, Yaas. Mukti not only helps the helpless people but also tries for the empowerment of women. Mukti has made us conscious about our social responsibilities, as the teacher. We are grateful to Mukti for making us free-minded.

Mr. Halder while talking about the vision of Mukti said, for the development of the society we need the guidance and involvement of the pioneers of society such as teachers, doctors, engineers etc. In addition to the conventional education, we have to teach our next generation to serve the society, so in the future, we will have some people like Rabindranath, Vidyasagar, Vivekananda etc who will think first of the people and the country above personal interests. Along with these, we have to emphasize women’s empowerment to make them self-reliant. He said MUKTI’s mission is to work as a HEALER for our society in the area of Health (Health, Water & Sanitation), Education (Education & Empowerment), Agriculture (Agricultural Reforms), Livelihood (Livelihood & Sustainability), Environment (Environment & Resiliency), Rights (Rights, Duty and Responsibility) irrespective of caste, creed, age and gender. Mukti thanked ASFHM for being with Mukti and for expanding the work of Mukti.

Mr. Ray spoke about why and how Mukti was formed, its philosophy and goal etc. He explained Mukti Saathi and its features. Mukti Saathi is a person educated in vocational education and holistic education as well. His values are exemplary to many. He is above politics and religion. The three main aspects of a Mukti Saathi are a good health, valued education and developed society. He emphasized daily exercise or Yoga which is the key to being healthy mentally and physically. He also spoke about the financial support of the backward students.

Dr. Bairagi said how the backward women in the society can be supported by forming small organizations with proper training and free financial benefits.

Mr. Maiti said that Mukti has been working for the development of the adjoining areas in the Sundarbans by connecting students and schools in the delta region. If we move forward with the implementation of various plans in collaboration with Mukti and of headmasters and teachers of schools across the state, then we can be more acceptable to the common people. Our humanitarian aspects will reveal. He asked for mutual cooperation from his co-workers in the coming days.


At the end of the speeches, there was a question-answer session of 5 minutes then the program desisted for a lunch break.

Post lunch Mukti officials talked to the rest of the members. A meeting of the headmasters and headmistresses of ASFHM took place. Mukti officials visited some places of interest and at about 6 PM they started for Paschim Medinipur.

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