Let us serve the needy.

Mukti Aims to Assists the Needy Students of MSS and MAMA School with Books

Like every year this year also Mukti organized book distribution drive for the students of MSS from class V to XI. The books were collected from Mukti Book Bank and were arranged according to their booklist. The drive stared from 09.02.21 and will continue for a couple of days.

At first stage, 961 students of 6 centers received books. Gradually the books will be distributed to other MSS also. To make the students responsible for their belongings, only 15% of the book price was charged by Mukti from the students. At the end of the session those books will be returned to Mukti.

Name of the MSS Number of Students
Damkal 153
Baradanagar 167
Sridharpur 169
Jogendrapur 170
Purba Jota 142
Uttar Kankandighi 160
6 Centers 961



Along with 961 students of MSS 200 students of MAMA School were also received books. Mukti is grateful to “Hoomans of Calcutta” for supporting the MAMA School students with black board, books, pencils and other study materials.





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