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Modern Farm Equipment Changes the Life of an Organic Farmer

Samar Purkait is a successful organic farmer of Paschim Jata village of South 24 Parganas district. He has changed his life for the better by introducing modern tools into his farming practices.

Prior to 2015, he followed conventional methods of farming with chemical fertilizers. The yields were gradually decreasing due to the use of chemicals year after year. At one point in time, he was not even able to support his family’s daily needs.

At that time, he sought the help of the Mukti Agriculture Department – SAM (Sustainable Agricultural Movement) and received various types of training and guidance on organic farming, as well as the required agricultural machinery, vermicompost pits, etc. He then started cultivating crops following organic methods. It yielded satisfactory results, and he shifted completely to organic farming.

He has been supported with Power Sprayer, Reaper Harvester and Motorized Paddy Harvester. This modern farm equipment proved to be a great labor-saving device. He is able to produce more vegetables in much less time with less physical effort. These machinery are allowing crops to be grown and harvested with minimal soil disturbance, ensuring that the soil surface remains protected by an organic covering. He is also adopting crop rotations to enhance soil health and conserve crop nutrients.

Today he is well known as a successful organic farmer – one who did not stop at developing his own farm, but also encouraged and guided other farmers in his neighborhood to adopt organic farming.

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