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Melay Mukti – A Successful Initiative By Mukti

Sunderbans experienced a completely different type of fair called ‘MELAY MUKTI-2015’ from 26th to 29th of  January 2015 at Nagendrapur ,(Mathurapur II Block), 24 Pargs- South, WB. The fair was organized by MUKTI (, a socio-economic development organization working for the vulnerable, downtrodden and marginalized section of the society, especially in the Sunderbans.

The intention of this program was to increase the awareness of MUKTI’s activities among people so that a bigger mass can take the benefit out of it. The fair was designed with different stalls focused to several projects carried out by MUKTI including Book Bank, Coaching Center, Talented Student Sponsorship (TSS), Sustainable Agriculture Movement (SAM), Mukti Community Development Fund (MCDF), Right to Information (RTI) and Go Green.

The program was also supported by a lot of other stalls like Nagendrapur Gram Panchayat, West Bengal Consumers’ Forum, West Bengal Fisheries Department, State Bank of India implementing ‘Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojna’, Agriculture Department (Govt. of West Bengal) and Life Insurance Corporation of India.

Distinguished personalities like eminent educationists Sri. Sudin Chattopadhyay, Dr. Suranjan Middhe of Rabindrabharati University, Dr. Sanat Naskar of Calcutta University, Dr. Tarun Naskar, Dr. Asutosh Das and Dr. Pranabesh Sanyal of Jadavpur University spoke on the occasion and enriched the participants with their eloquent speeches.

MUKTI’s first attempt of this kind of program also had some different kind of entertainment with the help of ‘Paschimbanga Bigyan Mancha’ who presented on ‘Superstition’ under cover of ‘Science’ that was hugely applauded by the audience. Other cultural events like ‘Boul Gaan’, ‘yoga show’, music and dance were also performed to entertain the masses.

The ever-growing MUKTI family which includes around 1000 students, 1100 Self Help Group (SHG) ladies force and around 800 farmers took part in different competitive events like sit and draw, Cattle rearing, ideal Pond, and best Vegetables etc. The ‘Pithe-Puli’ competition of the SHG ladies brought a different dimension to the fair. Legal aid camp by established lawyers of Diamond Harbor court was another attraction, which virtually brought the legal court office to MUKTI fair ground.

There was also arrangement of ‘Community Lunch’ every day and that was possible with the spontaneous donation of rice and vegetables by all the villagers. At the end it turned out to be a grand success with a big hope and expectation for future.

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