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Mangrove Conservation Awareness Program by Mukti

In August, Mukti, in association with “United Way India”, has organized an awareness program on mangrove plantation and conservation for the people of Sundarbans. 35 villagers of Purba Sridharpur have participated in the program. On 23rd November 2021, Tuesday, Mukti has organized another awareness program for some more people. “Mangrove Plantation and Conservation” project of Mukti engages the local communities, by educating and empowering them to become stewards to protect their fragile environment through a change in lifestyles. The project is building a grassroots-level campaign wherein the young people of the local community have taken the lead.

Mukti thanks “United Way India” for their support in trying to make the people of Sundarbans aware of their future existence.

The rural communities who live in the Sunderbans are economically marginalized. There is a lack of education infrastructure and they had no or less knowledge about conservation and the damage their lifestyle practices are causing to their mangrove forest habitat. Rampant use of plastics, littering, and deforestation are all combined to deplete the mangroves, leaving the residents exposed to sea storms. Two of these storms, Cyclone Amphan and Yaas have wreaked immense damage amongst these areas. The destruction would have been less had the original mangrove barrier been present.

To discuss all of these issues, so that more people, for their self-interest can engage in mangrove planting and conservation work, people associated with Mukti Mangrove Project have organized an awareness program with 26 MCDF members of the Purba Sridharpur branch at Mukti Library.

The program has been scheduled from 2-4 pm. Mukti mangrove project coordinator Mr. Rajat Mondal, the working committee members of Mukti Mr. Bijoy Krishna Halder, Mr. Chitta Ranjan Halder, Mr. Yeachin Gazi, Mr. Subarna Kar, Mukti Gram project coordinator Mr. Harisadhan Mondal and the staff related to mangrove project have participated in the discussion. A total of 46 people participates in the program.

As a community, the MCDF members will replant and regenerate mangroves on the islets which have become degraded. They will conduct cleanups, remove litter, plastic, will teach the household to segregate waste and stop plastic usage. They will also aware the villagers not to do any harm to the mangroves.

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