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01. Why the project is ?

• Sundarbans is one of the most neglected areas in West Bengal, suffering from disastrous climatic effects
• Students from underprivileged backgrounds and remote places face obstacles in their job search
• Obstacles include lack of quality education, limited financial resources, and limited opportunities
• Many promising students are unable to overcome these adversities and face difficulties in finding employment
• Mukti Employment Exchange (MEE) prioritizes finding jobs that provide sustenance and support for families
• MEE provides a platform for connecting with the development of society

02. What the project is ?

• India has a population of over 1.3 billion, including a large number of educated unemployed youth
• Lack of job opportunities is a common cause of educated unemployment
• There is a trend of occupation shift from elementary sectors to service sectors
• Mukti is focused on enabling aspiring youths in Sundarbans and other rural areas of the state to explore opportunities in emerging areas associated with digital adoption

03. How the project is?

• Dedicated program manager cum placement coordinator overseeing the project
• Individuals aged 18-28 undergoing vocational and soft skill training
• Training conducted by subject experts with a designed curriculum
• Implementation team working on placements by approaching private firms and government schemes
• Trainees who achieve successful results awarded certificates
• Certificates qualify trainees to join internship programs for career growth promotion

04. What the impact is?

• Over 1300+ students trained since 2016
• Training includes vocational and professional skills
• 150+ students successfully placed in different organizations

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