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Kite Flying Competition to Spread Social Awareness on Sankalpa Diwas of Mukti

Mukti had innovated a unique way to spread awareness on the social issues among people through Kite Flying Competition. Kite flying is a popular game in India and Mukti used this as a tool for the mass awareness which was intended. The event began with a slogan writing competition on kites, which the children chose as per their choice.

75 children below 14 years of age participated in the competition. They made the kites by their own and wrote slogans like ‘Save Trees, ‘Protect the environment’, ‘Prevent child marriage’, ‘Education is the right for all’, ‘Save Water’ etc. Mukti tried to spread such serious messages through a game. It was noticeable to watch the enthusiasm of the children as well as the villagers.

The prize distribution ceremony was conducted in two different categories – 1) The best slogan writer and 2) The Highest Kite Flyer. 3 prizes were distributed in each category. Mukti had given 1 pen to each of the participants.

Mukti found the methodology to be extremely fruitful and attractive along with being very cost-effective. Mukti is hopeful that people will recall this event and gathering which will ring a bell and will prevent the society from doing further harm to nature and humanity.

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