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In Care for the Menstrual Health of the Adolescent Girls and Women, Mukti with PROYAS Distributed Sanitary Napkins

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After the massive destruction of Amphan in Sunderban, many have lost access to essentials, including hygiene products. Mukti in association with PROYAS has come to the rescue of underprivileged girl students of Mukti Support School (MSS), by providing them sanitary napkins in these unprecedented times.

The female students of classes 7 to 10, studying in all the MSS across Sunderban, were provided with 2 sanitary napkin packets to each of the students.

Mukti is grateful to PROYAS for providing fund for free supply of sanitary napkins to the adolescent girl students of Mukti Support School and the female teachers of Mukti Community Study Support center.

The list of the number of students across MSS Centers is as follows:

MSS Centers Name Number of Students Number of Packets
Jogendrapur 54 108
Uttar Kankandighi 53 106
           Purba Jata 46 92
Baradanagar 60 120
Purba Sridharpur 38 76
Damkal 35 70
Akshaynagar 25 50
Gilarchhat 42 84
Sonatikari 30 60
Herembogopalpur 46 92
Dakshin kashinagar 25 50
Kuamuri 26 52
12 Centers 480 960

 Along with the students of Mukti Support School the 3 teachers of Mukti Community Study Support Center also received total 6 packets of sanitary napkin.

Total 966 sanitary napkins were distributed by Mukti.

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