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For the First Time SAM Farmers are Cultivating Exotic Vegetables

For the first time, Mukti progressive SAM (Sustainable Agriculture Movement) farmers of Nagendrapur & Kankandighi GP are cultivating exotic vegetables. Mukti has selected 15 SAM farmers for this experimental project.

The main objective of this project is to increase the income of the farmers. These vegetables are not cultivated in remote areas of the Sundarbans but they are very expensive. If the yield of these vegetable increases, they can be sold in the city market and farmers will also benefit. Gradually the demand will increase in the villages too. To achieve this goal, Mukti has encouraged the farmers to cultivate these crops.

Mukti has bought the seeds of Chery Tomato, Sweet Corn, Pak Chai, Broccoli, Kakri, Golden Squash, Round Yellow Cucumber, Lettuce, Red Cabbage etc online and distributed them to these 15 farmers.

Before distribution, the farmers have been trained on how to produce the vegetables.

Farmers are cultivating these vegetables in their gardens and the harvest has started. Mukti is hopeful that farmers will be able to produce crops successfully.

The product will be sold through “Mukti Fresh”.

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