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For Children Nutrition Kolkata Foundation Distributed GOMO to the Students of MSS and Mukti Community Study Support center

GoMo, a protein-rich and fortified with micronutrients healthy snack for children were provided by Kolkata Foundation to Mukti for the students of Mukti Support School (MSS) and Mukti Community Study Support center.

In the months of September and October Mukti has distributed 4 packets/ week of GoMo to each student of the coaching centers.

Mukti is thankful to “Kolkata Foundation” for supporting the children with such healthy snacks.


Distribution in Mukti Support Schools:

Names of MSS Number of Students Number of Packets in 2 Months
Jogendrapur 162 5184
Uttar Kankandighi 125 4000
Purba Jata 121 3872
Baradanagar 122 3904
Purba Sridharpur 109 3488
Damkal 95 3040
Akshaynagar 49 1568
Gilarchat 90 2880
Sonatikari 65 2080
Herembogopalpur 90 2880
Dakshin Kashinagar 57 1824
Kuamuri 51 1632
Krishna Chandrapur A 150 4800
Krishna Chandrapur B 150 4800
Ambikanagar 49 1568
12 Centers 1485 47520


60 students of the 3 Mukti Community Study Support Centers at Purba Sridharpur also received 1920 packets of GoMo in 2 months.

1400 SHG members of Purba Sridharpur, Raidighi, Kultali and Herambogopalpur received 2800 packets of GoMo.

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