About Mukti

Who is Mukti?

Mukti is a non-profit socio-economic development trust registered under Govt. of India Trust Act, section 64 (Reg. No. – IV-104) and established in the year of 2003 by a group of young and energetic people of Sunderban, West Bengal of India.

What does the word 'Mukti' mean?

In English the word ‘Mukti’ means ‘liberation’. Mukti helps people to liberate from poverty (to improve the livelihood), illiteracy (to improve the level of basic knowledge and awareness) and diseases (to provide a healthy atmosphere to live).

What are the Mukti's mission, goals and objectives?

Mukti’s mission is to implement programs for the upliftment of the underprivileged, illiterate, poor and backward people of the Sunderban region in West Bengal by way of motivation and human resource development. This mission is aimed at creating a self-reliant society through efficient and effective utilization of local resources through the implementation of environmentally sound policies.

Does Mukti has any political affiliations?


Does Mukti has any religious affiliations?


Does Mukti serves people regardless of caste, creed, race, religion, or gender?


What does Mukti do?

Mukti basically tries to find problem areas and design the solutions and implement the same to help poor and needy people. To know more about what we do please visit our project page.

How and when did Mukti start?

Mukti is established in the year of 2003 by few enthusiastic young people of Sunderban. Having grown up in an underprivileged Sunderban family, these young stars experienced the infrastructural and economic hardships of life in the area. They decided to involve educated and energetic local youth in various community development projects to redress some of the intrinsic problems. This vision led to the foundation of Mukti. Initially they put the money from their own pocket and started-up developing small projects in this area. After getting a remarkable response from local people of Sunderban they thought of continuing the good work and spread their idea and mission to other part of India. Eventually Mukti become a all India based non-profit organization and hard to make a difference, What Mukti today is all because of the supports and wishes from ots well-wishers spreading across the world. Mukti tales this opportunity to thank each individuals for their contributions.

Does Mukti work throughout the year?

Yes, we work all the year.

Which area of India are you trying develop?

We are not bounded by any region. Wherever the underprivileged, illiterate, poor and backward people need help, Mukti volunteers are ready to help them. But due to less manpower and minimal fund restriction it is not always possible for us to reach to the every needy people. We are trying to mainly concentrate in various parts of India where development is still a burning issue. Initially we started at southern part of West Bengal, namely ‘Sunderban’ area. Later we successfully executed many projects in many parts of India with the help of our dedicated volunteers.


How can anyone help Mukti?

There are many ways to help Mukti. Any kind of help to Mukti is always welcome. Here are few ideas on how you can help Mukti: 1) Show your support towards what Mukti’s activities, 2) Invest your valuable effort and time, 3) Help with your unique ideas, 4) Donate money, 5) Donate books to Mukti Public Library, 6) Spread the words about Mukti, 7) Use GoodSearch & GoodShop, 8) Arrange Fundraising events, 9) Blog about Mukti in Internet, 9) Visit Mukti project sites, review and advise

How much can anyone donate for Mukti?

You can donate any amount of money. Even a little money will also be taken with thanks.

How can I donate to Mukti?

You can donate Mukti by cheque (check) or by money transfer or through our website. Please visit this page to know the various ways of donation to Mukti Donation Info.

I made a donation. How can I get an acknowledgement?

Mukti will send you an electronic acknowledgement. Mukti currently does not send any paper receipt. If you need paper receipt please send an email to us at info@muktiweb.org

I live outside India. How can I donate?

If you are in USA you can send check. Otherwise you can always donate by Credit Card using PayPal or Google Checkout. You can also donate by Searching or Shopping on Internet.

I would like to donate food, medicines and other items. Do you accept?

We accept that type donation too for specific projects. For example many well-wishers helped Mukti with food, cloths and medicine during Mukti’s Cyclone Aila Relief Work. Please visit the specific project page for more information about how you can help.

Is there any way to know how my donation is used by Mukti?

Mukti will communicate with you regarding your donation and also Mukti sends periodical updates to all its well-wishers and donors.

Do I get any Tax benefit if I donate to Mukti?

In India, any donation to MUKTI is exempted by Income Tax u/s 80G of the I.T Act 1961 of India. In USA MUKTI for Social Development is a Non-Profit Public Benefit Organization operating exclusively for educational, and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and is registered in the state of California, USA

How Can I sponsor a student?

Please visit this link Sponsor a Student Please select one student by clicking to the ‘Student Waiting List’. Then you can pay by Credit Card clicking ‘Sponsor’ link on the students photo. If you are in USA or India you can send a check directly. Write student id in memo section of the check and write your name, address, email and phone number in back of the check. Check the website for other details.

Can I send money by cheque?

Yes you can if you are in India or USA. Please visit this page to know the various ways of donation to Mukti Donation Info

Does Mukti has FCRA clearance?

Currently Mukti India is in the process on getting the FCRA clearance. We are working all of our projects with FCRA prior permission. The other options of accepting funds from overseas:
1. If Funding Organization provides a support letter, Mukti India can get prior permission which normally takes 1-2 months. 2. The fund can be given to USA chapter of Mukti (or any local chapter of Mukti in that country where funding organization resides) Mukti for Social Development. Mukti USA will then transfer the fund to Mukti India.”


How does Mukti help the needy?

Mukti helps the needy in many several ways. We do not believe that only a lump sum monetary aid will solve the problems faced by these men. The effect of such an aid is transient and will not facilitate in the long run. Therefore we endeavor to dig out the root causes of the different problems and based on them construct holistic solutions that would best help the society. Keeping this view in mind we started working with various wings to provide such solutions that would have an everlasting impact on the society. Mukti mainly works on five basic wings, namely Education, Health, Livelihood, Ecology and Culture.

How does Mukti choose which place and what type of project to work in?

First Mukti tries to identify the area of problem. Secondly Mukti does proper survey or analysis of the problem. Thirdly Mukti board decides from the outcome of survey/analysis whether Mukti will go for the solution. If board member agrees upon then Mukti board forms a core committee to deal with this problem area. Mukti (core committee) then does advance analysis and design a solution (we call it as ‘project’). Project funding estimation also done during this phase. Core committee submits the reviewed draft project proposal and gives final ‘GO’. Then project proposal along with all guide & manuals given to funding team. Then funding team starts working on the proposal and presents to various interested bodies (Govt., non-profit funding org etc.) and try to arrange fund and represent the same to Mukti executive committee. If funding and available committee handover the project to implementation team.

What are the main projects Mukti has executed?

1. Talented Student Sponsorship
2. Book Bank
3. Village Library
4. Coachng Center for under priviledged students
5. Self-Help Group and Village Women Empowerment Program
6. Psci-culture for Villagers
7. Coconut Nursery
8. Flood Relief and Rehabilitation etc. To know more about Mukti’s past projects please visit our project page.

Does Mukti work for only India?

Currently Mukti is working only in West Bengal of India. Mukti does not have any problem to extend its work to other parts of India. If Mukti finds any problem area and that is feasible to Mukti, surely Mukti will extend its work to that place too.

Does Mukti work for the children?

Yes, Mukti works for children. Mukti has several project where Mukti helps the school children. Such projects are Talented Student Sponsorship (TSS), Book Bank, Coaching Camp etc.


If I have I month free time can I use my time to work for Mukti?

Sure. Mukti has many projects in many different subjects. If you have any spare time you are welcome to join with Mukti. If you are interested please contact us through our Contact Us page.

How can I be a member of Mukti?

Please click link Join Mukti and register yourself. Once you are registered Mukti Team will make you involved with our work of serving human being. Yo can also wish to visit our member page.

Is there any membership fee for Mukti?

Volunteers need not to pay any fee, but if you register and want to become member of Mukti you have to be regular in fees. The fees varies from chapter to chapter and also varies from country to country. To know more about Mukti membership program, please feel free to send us an email at info@muktiweb.org

Does Mukti pay its volunteers?

Mukti does not pay its volunteers. Mukti has some salaried stuffs who work for Mukti for administrative purposes.

Does Mukti appoint people in a remuneration basis?

Mukti does appoint people on remuneration basis for various office and project works. Sometimes Mukti projects are designed in such a way that there we may need people as project Manager or Program Manager. These project Managers/Program Managers are get paid from that particular project fund.


Whom do I contact to ask any other queries?

Email us: info@muktiweb.org, Or send us your query through Contact Us page.

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