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Empowering Women Through Reusable Sanitary Napkin-Making Program

One of the major issues faced by women in the Sundarbans is the lack of access to menstrual hygiene products. Many women cannot afford to buy sanitary napkins, and as a result, resort to using unhygienic materials such as rags, old clothes, or even leaves. This puts them at risk of developing infections and other health issues.

Another issue is the lack of education and awareness about menstrual health. Many women in the Sundarbans are not aware of the importance of proper menstrual hygiene or the risks associated with using unhygienic materials. This lack of education perpetuates the cycle of poor menstrual health and puts women’s overall health at risk.

To address these issues, Mukti has taken various initiatives to promote menstrual health and hygiene in the Sundarbans. One of the successful initiatives in this regard is the production of reusable menstrual pads.

Aiming to educate women on the importance of proper menstrual hygiene and the risks of using unhygienic materials and to provide a sustainable livelihood option to the Mukti Community Development Fund (MCDF) women of Heramba Gopalpur GP, a reusable sanitary pad training program was initiated on the 10th of May. The training program was initiated under Amplifying Community Voices (ACV) project. This4-day program (10 –13 May), attended by 50 participants, sought to create an opportunity for women to gain an additional source of income by manufacturing reusable sanitary pads with locally available materials. This initiative is being supported by “Utsov” and “Hindustan Unilever”, who have played a crucial role in providing the necessary resources and materials for the program. Through this program, the women in Heramba Gopalpur GP will be empowered to take control of their own lives and improve their financial situation while also promoting sustainability and menstrual hygiene.

By providing access to the necessary resources and education for maintaining good menstrual health in the remote areas of Sunderbans, Mukti is empowering women and improving their overall health and well-being.