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CINI Conducts Performance Evaluations of SwasthaSongini Members through On-site Visits

A two-member training team from Child in Need India (CINI) paid a visit to the Mukti Raidighi office to evaluate the performance of the 24-member Mukti SwasthaShongini team on the 11th of May 2023. This assessment came on the heels of the team’s training at CINI Pailan in February. The team was subjected to a theoretical test in the first half of the day, which was based on the various topics they learned throughout their training in February. The following day, the CINI trainers accompanied two SwasthaShongini members to three village homes in the Patharpratima block. The aim of this visit was to assess the field survey efficiency of the SwasthaShongini members. These evaluations are crucial in ensuring that the Mukti SwasthaShongini team is well-equipped to provide the necessary healthcare support to the communities they serve.