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Awareness Campaigns of Mukti on the Month of December, 2020

For the well being of the people Mukti in association with “OAK Foundation” started organizing many awareness programs from the month of October. In the month of December, 2020 Mukti had conducted awareness programs on Covid-19, health and social issues. 236 villagers from 10 different locations attended the programs.

In order to prevent the growing effects of Coronavirus infection, awareness campaigns were carried out by Mukti among the people of Sunderban. Mukti volunteers explained that masks, social distancing and washing hands are the three ways to remain safe, in the absence of any vaccine.

To raise awareness and improve knowledge of diseases, their symptoms and treatment options, Mukti conducted healthcare campaigns.



Mukti decided to address eminent social causes and organized awareness campaigns. The idea is to identify issues that matter most to the local community and work towards developing programs that address these issues. The issues were on anti-dowry, female feticide, prevention of child marriage, women trafficking, restoration of the environment, elimination of drugs, stop illiteracy, conservation of safe drinking water, plastic free society and so on.


Date Venue Number of Participants
16.12.20 Surendranagar Uttar pally 36
19.12.20 Herambagopalpur Sitala Pally 18
19.12.20 Surendranagar Purba Pally 20
22.12.20 Herambagopalpur Milan Pally 27
22.12.20 Naiya Para 20
23.12.20 Surendra Nagar 20
25.12.20 Dakshin Kashi nagar Bazar 18
26.12.20 Kuemuri ganga Ghat Pally 22
29.12.20 Dakshin Kashi Nagar Naiya para 22
31.12.20 Domkal Peerkhali School 33
  10 Places 236

Mukti focuses on bringing about a change in the lives of those who have been less fortunate by providing them with knowledge, skills and nurturing them with social responsibilities to help in nation building.

Mukti will continue to conduct such awareness programs in future days also.

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