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Award Ceremony of the Drawing / Poster Writing Competition

On 2nd June 2022 Mukti organized a drawing / Poster writing competition for the students of MSS (Mukti Support School) on the occasion of World Environment Day. The best six competitors have been awarded in the Environment Day celebration program. The winners have been awarded a memento and a certificate for the excellence of their merit.

Through the competition, Mukti has given the students a voice about how they view the environmental issues in the world in which they live, whether local or global. It has been also a platform for the students to raise awareness about the environmental issues important to them and move others to take action through the creation of their work.

The winners are listed below:

Name of the student

Class Name of the MSS
Arnab Mondal V

Purba Jata

Amit Santra

VI Damkal
Pranab Mondal VII


Ranta Sarkar

VIII Damkal
Amit Mondal IX


Jamuna Bairagi

IX Uttar Kankandighi

Mukti congratulates the winners and wishes them all the best.


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