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Another Patient

Another patient, Also who was also affected by the calamity, was included in the evacuation process. Currently, she remains in the care of her son and is steadily undergoing the recovery process. The natural disaster resulted in her sustaining injuries, including minor cuts on her arms and legs. She vividly described the extensive presence of water, which necessitated her elevating the cooking stove using four bricks to keep it above the flooded level. In an attempt to alleviate the flooding, she tirelessly operated the pump at five-minute intervals, simultaneously using a broom to maneuver the fish that had entered with the floodwaters. Unfortunately, this unintentionally caused blisters to form on her hand. The accumulation of water beneath the bed deprived all the patients of restful nights. Compounded by the collapsing pillars and roofs, she was gripped by concerns that the entire house might meet a similar fate.

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