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Animal Husbandry Induction Meeting


The livestock sector plays a key role in sustainable rural development and has acquired the status of an important livelihood option among rural communities. Mukti organized a meeting at the Sustainable Agricultural Movement (SAM) office, Purba Sridharpuron 4th March 2023 to explain the importance of livestock farming for sustainable livelihood to rural women. 210 women of Purba Sridharpur village attended the meeting.


The meeting highlighted the following:

  • Reliable source of income generation–In Sundarban, the majority of the population’s livelihood depends on agriculture, which in turn depends to a large degree on the vagaries of the monsoon. Livestock plays a crucial role in mitigating that risk. It provides alternative employment and income opportunities, especially for women. Participants were encouraged to farm animals like Kadaknath chicken, country chicken, RIR Chicken (Rhode Island Red), Turkey, Quail, Khaki Campbell, Swan, China Duck, Badri birds, Rabbit and Guineapig – animals that are less prone to disease and can be bred easily.
  • Nutrition – Livestock contributes to a nutritional diet and food security of the people. Livestock products not only provide high-value protein but are also important sources of a wide range of essential micronutrients. People suffering from malnutrition can get the required nutrition and taste through livestock products.
  • Beautification –Visitors to Mukti Gram will get to see different types of rarely-seen animals.

Those interested will be supported with baby animals to start up their own livestock farms.

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