Relief and Rehabilitation for Cyclone Amphan

Responding to the Cyclone Amphan Victims of Sunderban during Pandemic

The survival of the Victims is now in your hands. Act now! 

The Sundarban region in the lower Bengal coast was hit with an extremely severe cyclone Amphan. Amphan’s landfall coincided with the high tide on the afternoon of May 20, 2020, resulting in breaching of the embankment and widespread flooding. The water breached the bunds and flooded the lands, causing massive damage to property and agriculture. Sundarbans, the world’s largest active delta, is home to more than 5 million people (in India), many of whom are subsistence farmers and fisherfolks.

MUKTI started working intensively with farmers in the region in 2003 and thus helped the community during Cyclone Alia and Cyclone Bulbul as well. We need your support to stand by the people of Sundarbans, who are already dealing with the loss of income due to the COVID related lockdown.

Our Responses

Team of MUKTI in 9 Blocks (Kakdwip, Sagar, Namkhana, Patharpratima, Mathurapur I & II, Joynagar I & II, and Kultali) of South 24 Parganas, West Bengal have been active ever since the cyclone alert came. A team of 8000 Volunteers and field workers started to evacuate vulnerable people and station them at the nearby schools or flood relief centers. MUKTI has stocked up some dry foods in case of emergency and we are in constant touch with our team at ground level. We also have preliminary plans for replicating earlier plans of mitigating the immediate water and food shortage after the cyclone. More than 95% of the population in Sundarbans lost their home and belongings and now struggling for better survival.

Providing Food to Affected People

Rebuilding of River Embankments

Essential Support to Rehabilitation Centers

Removal of Saline Water for Agriculture

Removal of Uprooted Trees from Road and Houses

Revival of Ecosystem by Planting Mangrove

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Amphan Reports & Appreciations

Mukti's Activities Coverage for Cyclone Amphan Relief and Rehabilitation

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Cyclone Ampan is still considered to be the worst storm of the century! However, I think this Ampana was the strongest storm in the last 300 years created in the Bay of Bengal! Mausuni Island of South 24 Parganas came to my notice as it has mainly affected the two 24 Parganas of West Bengal, Kolkata, Howrah and Midnapore.

3 days after the storm stopped, they received assurances from the area administration and political party leaders, but did not get any food! About 300 people went hungry for 3 days! About 100 children under the age of 20!

The extremely difficult time they have passed! After expecting news from me, I tried to persuade everyone from the district magistrate to the MLA, MP in different ways for their food!

Some assured but some kept the mobile off. Then I contacted the #mukti organization through a high ranking bureaucrat! I am overwhelmed by the way they have responded to this catastrophe by providing food to the starving people of Mausuni Island; The whole Mausuni Island will be forever grateful! ….

Md. Obaidullah, Mousumi Island, Sunderban

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