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ACV Project Promotes Stronger Parent-Child Relationships by Engaging Adolescent Boys to Bridge the Gap

As a part of the Amplifying Community Voices (ACV) project, Mukti organized two meetings on May 11th, 2023, at Haremgopalpur and Kuemuri villages. These meetings aimed to enhance the relationship between parents and children, specifically targeting adolescent boys. Accordingly, the meeting was attended by 30 adolescent boys. Following a participatory approach, the participants were engaged in discussing their personal views on ideal parenting and how they would treat their own children if they were parents. The main objective was to understand the expectations adolescents have from their parents and to identify the gaps between the expectations and reality. Additionally, the session assessed the reasonableness of their demands and provided a platform for open discussion on these crucial issues. This served as an opportunity to bridge the gap that often arises between adolescents, particularly boys, and their parents during the challenging phase of puberty. It aimed to foster a stronger bond within families by addressing the trauma that hinders effective communication between adolescents and their parents.