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574 Landless Families Benefit through Mukti’s Seed Support Program

Landlessness is a significant challenge for farmers in Sundarban, who often work as laborers on other people’s farms or in urban areas. Additionally, Sundarban is prone to natural disasters, including cyclones and floods, which can cause significant damage to crops. Seed support programs can help with both these challenges, providing quality seeds and inputs, enabling landless farmers to grow their own crops and earn a livelihood, and to help in restarting farming activities after natural disasters. Mukti initiated a seed support program with this vision for landless farmers on 3rd May 2023.

The program aims to improve both the yields and the quality, leading to more marketable and profitable crops and higher incomes for farmers. Additionally, these programs can help increase the diversity of crops grown, reducing the reliance on a few crops and enhancing the resilience of the agricultural system.

574 landless families of Nagendrapur and Kankandighi GP were supported with15gmof Red Amaranth (Lal shak), 20 gm of okra, 15 gmBottle Gourd, 15 gm Pumpkin, 20 gm Malabar Spinach (Puishak), 20 gm Water Spinach (Kolmi Shak), and 15 gm Sponge Gourd (Dhudhul) seeds.