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01. Why the project is?

• Mukti Craft initiative supports and empowers marginalized women
• Provides a sustainable source of income for women
• Aims to revive and promote traditional crafts
• Preserves local cultural heritage
• Provides training and support to enhance skills, knowledge, confidence, and self-esteem of women
• Creates market linkage platforms for showcasing women’s crafts
• Generates income for women through their talents
• Crafts have market demand and cultural significance
• Contributes to the preservation of local heritage

02. What the project is?

• Mukti Craft supports marginalized women in West Bengal
• Offers alternative livelihood opportunities
• Provides comprehensive training in various crafts
• Products are sold through an online platform
• Training programs aim to enhance skills and knowledge
• Enables women to create high-quality and marketable products
• Develops skills and craftsmanship in traditional crafts
• Generates income and improves economic well-being of women
• Preserves traditional crafts and cultural heritage

03. How the project is?

• A dedicated team involving a few trainers, center manager and business development manager works on the platform on regular basis.
• The team is helping beneficiaries to get the artisan cards to recognize their skills and provide them with access to benefits.
• Through a dedicated trainer, we ensure continuous skill development and stay updated with market trends.
• By establishing market linkages and participating in external events, we are creating opportunities for the women to sell their products and expand their reach.

04. Where the project is?

District : South 24 Pgs, East Medinipur, Kolkata

05. What is the impact?

• Mukti Craft is bringing a change in society by establishing itself a one-stop trusted platform for varieties of handcraft products.
• The online platform – one of its kind in Sundarbans – effectively provides WB’s peerless artisans with a platform to showcase their extraordinary talent and to connect with lovers of their craft while introducing a whole new generation of people to our country’s beautiful legacy.
• Mukti is able to challenge traditional gender roles and promote gender equality.
• This approach has been effective in empowering women and promoting their participation in decision-making processes, which is essential for sustainable development.

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