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01. Why the Project is?

● Jibantala frequently experiences flooding due to its geography and proximity to water bodies, particularly during the monsoon seasons.
● Recent natural disasters, including super cyclone Amphan, cyclone Yaas, and a destructive flood, have caused extensive damage to infrastructure and homes in Jibantala.
● The residents’ reliance on vegetable cultivation for survival was devastated by these calamities, leading to economic losses and food insecurity. Floodwater also caused damage to essential items such as beds, medicines, and vegetables.
● The destruction caused by cyclone Yaas resulted in a prolonged electricity outage and required residents to drain floodwater and use bleaching powder to protect against snakes.

02. What the project is?

● AVIEW urgently seeks funds for constructing a storm shelter for mentally ill women in Jibantala and partnered with the MUKTI for expert guidance during the construction process.
● The shelter aims to provide safe housing and prevent the recurrence of past dire situations.
It will offer immediate relief, protection, and empowerment to affected individuals.
● Your support will have a profound impact on the resilience and well-being of the Jibantala community.
Together, we can contribute to their recovery, dignity, and hope.

03. How the project is?

● Dedicated team inclusive of Program manager, Project coordinator and Field supervisors are working on the project:
● Team focuses on identifying beneficiaries, locations, and training experts.
● Conducting surveys and needs assessments to prioritize necessary skills.
● Identifying high-demand areas for training.

04. Where this project is?

Jibantala, South24 Parganas

05. What the impact is?

● Inadequate thatched houses in Jibantala, housing 16 to 18 individuals, leave them vulnerable to cyclones and floods.
● Recent incidents, including Amphan, Yaas, and subsequent flooding, have made their dwellings unsafe, with cracked pillars.
● Constructing elevated houses with concrete walls and roofs is crucial to ensure their safety and well-being in the face of natural disasters.
● Urgent implementation of a robust fencing system is needed to protect against floodwaters and aquatic creatures.
● Immediate action is required to provide a secure living environment that can withstand these challenges.

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