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01. Why the project is?

• Mukti Fresh connects eco-conscious consumers with ethical farmers for fresh, organic produce.
• Provides farmers with a reliable income and fair price for their organic crops.
• Emphasizes chemical-free and preservative-free food.
• Creates a community of health-conscious individuals valuing sustainability.
• Aims to enhance the health and well-being of consumers and the planet to make a positive impact on promoting a healthier and more sustainable way of life.

02. What the project is?

• Mukti Fresh ensures fair prices for local farmers’ organic produce.
• Offers a range of fresh organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and value-added goods.
• Promotes healthy living, sustainability, and supports regional communities.
• Choosing Mukti Fresh means making a healthier choice and contributing to an equitable food system.

03. How the project is?

• Mukti Fresh empowers local farmers with fair prices for their organic produce.
• Over 500 farmers associated with the community business unit.
• Delivers fresh, organic products in Kolkata through its own delivery system.
• Provides employment opportunities for over 50 people in rural and urban areas.
• Over 7000 customers choose to buy organic products from Mukti Fresh, contributes to promoting a healthier way of living and an equitable food system.

04. Where the project is?

Our store is located at Canal Side Road, Garia, Kolkata – 700084, Near Kavi Nazrul Metro Station

05. What is the impact?

• Mukti Fresh promotes organic farming methods to protect the environment and provide customers with nutritious and wholesome products.
• The project ensures fair prices for farmers, empowering them to focus on cultivating high-quality organic produce.
• Customers appreciate the variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices sourced from local farmers practicing ethical and sustainable farming.
• Mukti Fresh’s innovative approach is making a positive impact on the environment and promoting a healthier way of living.

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Contact Info:

Email : mukti.fresh@muktiweb.org

Phone : + + 91-9907099099


22 Canal Side Road, Barhans, Garia, Kolkata – 700 084