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01. Why the project is ?

• Tackling the absence of vital infrastructure, including roads, electricity, access to clean drinking water, healthcare services, and educational institutions, as well as addressing transportation challenges faced by the local community.
• Bridging the gap between the aspirations of rural residents and the lack of government development initiatives, ensuring that their needs and aspirations are met.
• Promoting self-sufficiency in education, community health, self-employment, and sustainable livelihoods, while facilitating convenient access to government programs and initiatives that are crucial for rural progress.
• Promoting social empowerment by involving all segments of the community in the collective effort of village development.

02. What the project is ?

• The primary objective of the project is to mitigate distress migration by enhancing the socio-economic status of the entire village community.
• To empower villagers to establish self-reliant, self-sustaining, and cooperative units that drive the development of rural communities.
• Emphasizing equal access to healthcare, education, and livelihood opportunities, the project fosters a culture of healthy living.
• Creating a model village for the integrated development
• By promoting social empowerment, constructing vital infrastructure, supporting sustainable livelihoods, and enhancing community capacity for decision-making and the exercise of rights, the project facilitates comprehensive development.

03. How the project is ?

The project is executed through a meticulous and well-structured approach, incorporating thorough planning, efficient execution, and diligent monitoring.
• A dedicated team oversees and coordinates the implementation of various activities, ensuring smooth operations and effective management.
• Ongoing assessments and evaluations are carried out to monitor progress, identify obstacles, and implement necessary adaptations to achieve project objectives.

04. Where the project is ?

InEgra village of Purba Medinipurdistrict in West Bengal, India

05. What is the impact ?

• We have acquired two ambulances and two oxygen machines.
• We have successfully installed 100 street lights to enhance the safety and convenience of the community.
• Additionally, the women of MCDF have been provided alternative livelihood opportunities, including chick rearing, paper bag making, and the careful maintenance of a dragon nursery.
• Moreover, we have engaged unemployed youth by offering teaching positions in MKSS and MSS centers, contributing to their livelihood generation.

Activity Stream


Seeding Change: Organic Fertilizer Distribution by Mukti Purba Medinipur


Protecting Our Community: Immunization Drive at Egra Block


Solar-Powered Prosperity: PFC and Mukti Join Forces for Sustainable Farming


Shyama Prasad Mookherjee Port and Mukti Join Forces to Fight Drinking Water Crisis


Books, Bytes, and Beyond: The Sahara GP Library Initiative


Nurturing Nature and Community: Mukti’s Sapling Support for Purba Medinipur


Water for All: Mukti’s Endeavour in Sahara and Sunia Villages


Mukti Volunteers of Purba Medinipur Celebrate the First “Sankalpa Diwas” 2023

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