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01. Why the project is ?

● To address the lack of essential infrastructure such as roads, electricity, clean drinking water supply, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions and daily commutes.
● To address the disconnect between the rising aspirations of the rural population and the lack of development schemes of Indian Government.
● To ensure self-reliance in education, community health, self-employment, sustainable livelihood, and facilitating easy access to government programs and schemes as these are essential for rural development.
● To contribute towards social empowerment by engaging all sections of the community in the task of village development.

02. What the project is ?

● The project seeks to prevent distress migration by improving the socio-economic status of the entire village community.
● Empowering villagers to create self-dependent, self-sufficient, and supportive units that drive rural community development.
● It focuses on providing equitable access to healthcare, education, and livelihood opportunities, fostering a sense of healthy lifestyle
● The bio village serves as a development hub, attracting resources for neighboring villages and enabling convenient access to urban markets for agricultural produce.
● The project promotes social empowerment, builds essential infrastructure, supports sustainable livelihoods, and enhances community capacity for decision-making and rights exercise.

03. How the project is ?

● The project is implemented through a systematic approach that involves careful planning, efficient execution, and diligent monitoring.
● Managed by a dedicated team responsible for coordinating various activities
● Regular assessments and evaluations are conducted to track progress, identify challenges, and make necessary adjustments.

04. Where the project is ?

In Purba Jata and Paschim Jata village under Kankandighi GP, Mathurapur block II of South 24 Pgs district in West Bengal, India.

Activity Stream


AID Delegation Visits Bio Village and Purba Sridharpur


ATMA and BDO Officials Visit Mukti Bio-Village, Paschim Jata


Mukti-KPMG: Sustainable Eco-Livelihood Drive


YCPL/VIVO’s Tree Planting Project in Sundarbans


Sundarban Greens: A Quiet Revolution


Illuminating Paths: Mukti’s Streetlight Initiative


Mukti Empowers Organic Farmers in Kankandighi


Nurturing Nature’s Palette: Mukti’s Blossoming Effort in Kankandighi Organic Village

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