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01. Why the project is ?

● To address the lack of essential infrastructure such as roads, electricity, clean drinking water supply, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions and daily commutes.
● To address the disconnect between the rising aspirations of the rural population and the lack of development schemes of Indian Government.
● To ensure self-reliance in education, community health, self-employment, sustainable livelihood, and facilitating easy access to government programs and schemes as these are essential for rural development.
● To contribute towards social empowerment by engaging all sections of the community in the task of village development.

02. What the project is ?

● The project seeks to prevent distress migration by improving the socio-economic status of the entire village community.
● Empowering villagers to create self-dependent, self-sufficient, and supportive units that drive rural community development.
● It focuses on providing equitable access to healthcare, education, and livelihood opportunities, fostering a sense of healthy lifestyle
● The bio village serves as a development hub, attracting resources for neighboring villages and enabling convenient access to urban markets for agricultural produce.
● The project promotes social empowerment, builds essential infrastructure, supports sustainable livelihoods, and enhances community capacity for decision-making and rights exercise.

03. How the project is ?

● The project is implemented through a systematic approach that involves careful planning, efficient execution, and diligent monitoring.
● Managed by a dedicated team responsible for coordinating various activities
● Regular assessments and evaluations are conducted to track progress, identify challenges, and make necessary adjustments.

04. Where the project is ?

In Purba Jata and Paschim Jata village under Kankandighi GP, Mathurapur block II of South 24 Pgs district in West Bengal, India.

Activity Stream


ATMA Officials Visit Mukti Bio-Village


Mukti-KPMG: Sustainable Eco-Livelihood Drive


YCPL/VIVO’s Tree Planting Project in Sundarbans


Sundarban Greens: A Quiet Revolution


Illuminating Paths: Mukti’s Streetlight Initiative


Mukti Empowers Organic Farmers in Kankandighi


Nurturing Nature’s Palette: Mukti’s Blossoming Effort in Kankandighi Organic Village


Growing Together for a Greener Tomorrow: Mukti’s Plantation Drive

Alliances that Drive Success


Contact Info:

Email : integrated.development@muktiweb.org

Phone : + 91-6290589664


22 Canal Side Road, Barhans, Garia, Kolkata – 700 084