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01. Why the project is ?

• Underdeveloped villages in South 24 Parganas, including the Sundarban region, face malnutrition and illnesses due to poor socioeconomic conditions, lack of education, inadequate housing, sanitation, and unsafe water supplies.

• Women’s health requires targeted interventions and ethical health-seeking behaviors.

• To address these challenges, an initiative has been launched to educate the community, with a particular focus on Self-Help Group (SHG) women and children, about optimal health and hygiene practices.

02. What the project is ?

• Swastha Shongini is an initiative of the Kolkata Foundation developed in collaboration with Mukti.

• Its goal is to create a low-cost, scalable program to improve healthcare services for the rural population by training village women to become campaigners for hygiene and nutrition.

03. How the project is ?

• 24 community women have been trained in preventive healthcare by CINI and recognized as “Swasthya Sangini.”

• Their responsibilities include collecting household health data to monitor health outcomes, providing health information with a focus on women, adolescent, and child health and nutrition, conducting scheduled home visits for continuous monitoring, and serving as a comprehensive health information and resource center.

• They will also assist in screening for conditions like diabetes, anemia, and glaucoma and participate in telemedicine and other healthcare-related initiatives.

• The project is supervised by a program manager who regularly monitors its progress, along with their team.

04. Where the project is ?

The project is presently running in Mathurapur-I, Mathurapur-II 2, Patharpratima, Jaynagar, Kultali blocks of South 24 Pgs district, West Bengal, India

05. What the impact is ?

2000 +rural families getting guidance’s on preventive health care through community health care friends “Swasthya Shongini”

Activity Stream


Wellness Begins at Home: Mukti’s SwasthoSongini World Health Day Initiative


Sundarban Fair 2024: Mukti’s Holistic Health Showcase


Mukti Holds a Spotlight on Disability and Gender-Based Violence


Swastho Shongini’s Heart-Health Awareness Event


Mukti and CINI Organize Comprehensive Training Program for SwasthaShongini Members


Empowering the Disabled: Bridging Awareness and Access


CINI Conducts Performance Evaluations of SwasthaSongini Members through On-site Visits


Mukti Conducts Trust Rapport Communication Workshop for SwasthoSongini Members

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