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01. Why the project is ?

• Potable water scarcity is a cumulative problem in the coastal region of India, especially Sundarbans.
• Citizens have to walk long distances and stand in queues for water collection.
• Installation of pipes for clean drinking water from a faraway suburban center has been done, but water lines reaching homes are still pending.
• Climate-induced disasters worsen the situation, leading to increased groundwater extraction

02. What the project is ?

• Mukti installed two 1,000 liter water tanks in Mukti Gram village, one at Mukti Library and another near Ramkrishna Bazar.
• Pump sets and electrical connections were made, and three taps are attached to each tank for easy access.
• Drinking water from these tanks is also used for landscaping purposes.
• Pond water purification system set up in Purboshridharpur village of Sundarbans on a pilot basis.
• Successful implementation of the system leads to plans for implementing this technology in other parts of the blocks.
• The system efficiently turns hard water into soft water, making it suitable for consumption purposes in the long term

03. How the project is ?

• Organization hired a technician for research in the area.
• Identified the need for a smart and sustainable drinking water management solution.
• Timely monitoring and evaluation of the project were conducted by the Board members themselves.

04. Where the project is ?

Purobshridharpur Village, South 24 Pgs district of West Bengal, East and West Medinipur district

05. What the impact is ?

• Mukti initiative to stop water-borne epidemics and provide safe drinking water access.
• Submersible pump installed for 230 families and Water Purifier system for 500+ people in Purba Sridharpur area.
• Rural community now has access to good quality drinking water.
• Reduces chances of water-contaminated diseases in the region

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