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Mukti Sobujkunja Campus

Mukti Sobujkunja Campus (মুক্তি সবুজ কুঞ্জ প্রাঙ্গন)

Mukti’s Sobujkunja campus in Sarkarpara acts as a central hub for essential services, housing an integrated office, Village Clinic, Ambulance Service, Mukti Support School, and Mukti Green Nursery. In addition to its agricultural endeavors, the campus provides crucial healthcare support to the economically disadvantaged, offering free health services and medications through the Village Clinic. For emergencies, a 24-hour ambulance service is available for swift transportation to the hospital. Mukti Support School provides affordable education to village children, ensuring access to quality learning. Furthermore, the campus features diverse nurseries cultivating hundreds of plant species, contributing to environmental conservation and local livelihoods.