Sunderban Mukti Exhibition 2019

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Bringing People of Sunderban to You

Millions of people of Sunderban are dependent on resources of this extreme area for their livelihood. The extreme nature of this area made communication, transport and agriculture so difficult that inhabitants of this area often need to depend on occupations which are very risky and life-threatening, or they borrow money with high interest. Most of the children of this area do not get sufficient educational aid. If they somehow start going to school, it is hardly possible for them to continue due to several other reasons. They often need to extend their little hands to support their families. Women of this area go out looking for jobs and often face the cruelty of our society. In this circumstance MUKTI has come forward with various projects for an integrated development of this area and its people. This exhibition is an effort to showcase the story of these people of Sunderban and help them to build the better future:Objectives

Exhibition themes are integrated across focus areas of MUKTI

MUKTI works as the HEALER in communities, to heal and reduce vulnerability of the people of last miles through its six focused programs, namely H E A L E R.


When and Where

23rd Jan to 27th Jan, 2019 (everyday between 2:00 pm & 9:00 pm)

Jater Deul, Raidighi, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal


Exhibition Day Themes


Stalls and Attractions

Contact Us for Stalls and Banners


It includes floor rental, walls as appropriate, one table, two chairs (per 100 sq. ft.), registration fee, name entry in fair directory. Registration will be considered as first come first serve basis. Charges not includes in this price: Power charges (₹50 per point (200 watts) per day, Water charges (₹100 per kilolitre). If you are interested, please contact us

Previous Years

Tour For a Cause

Tour for a Cause – Visit Sunderban for 3 Days 2 Nights during this exhibition. If you are social minded, please join us to interact with village women entrepreneurs, organic farmers. Visit organic farms, pick your own unlimited vegetables, have some great home-made sea-foods served hot by self -help groups, go for relaxing boat tour deep into Sunderban and visit Bonni Camp (Tiger observatory)


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