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A help to those who need it

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A help to those who need it

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01. Why the Project is ?

a) Rural people of Sundarbans face frequent and intense cyclones, leading to devastating floods and storm surges.

b) Natural disasters disrupt lives, destroying homes, infrastructure, and agricultural lands.

c) Vulnerable communities lack the resources and infrastructure to prepare for and recover from such catastrophes.

d) Fragile ecosystem and limited resources make recovery and rehabilitation challenging.

02. What the project is ?

a) Mukti provides timely assistance, including food, shelter, and healthcare.

b) Empowers the local population through capacity building and disaster preparedness.

c) Distributes essential items and conduct medical camps for affected people.

d) Focuses on sustainable solutions for future resilience against cyclones and climate change.

e) Supports cyclone relief activities to rebuild lives and secure a prosperous future.

03. How the Project is?

a) Mukti has a robust ground volunteer team of over 8,000 members.

b) Volunteers monitor cyclone or flood-related developments in the region.

c) SWAT team activated during disasters with experienced Disaster Recovery (DR) leaders.

d) Program teams work efficiently on the ground to prevent mishaps.

04. Where the project is?

South 24 Pgs district of West Bengal

05. What the impact is?

a) Mukti has directly assisted 900,000 people during disasters.

b) Constructed prototypes of cyclone and flood-tolerant houses, well-received by villagers.

c) 100 cyclone and flood-tolerant houses built by rural people.

d) Created livelihood opportunities for locals through ongoing projects.

e) Treated over 200,000 people in medical camps.

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A help to those who need it


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