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Talented Students Sponsorship is a sponsorship program, in effect since 2006, through which individual students are provided with the support required to get access to a structured education. Besides financial support, the sponsor can communicate with the student through exchange of letters as well as visits; thereby providing moral support as well.

The sponsorship is designed to create a long-term relationship between the sponsor and the students being sponsored, with MUKTI serving as a bridge between the two parties.

While the ultimate aim of this program is to prepare the student to gain meaningful occupation after completion of his(her) education, Mukti believes that being sponsored by a kindly human being will make better human beings out of the students themselves, so that someday they can reciprocate the kindness to another.

Illiteracy is prevalent among the people of various poor or undeveloped regions of India, further exacerbated by the lack of income that puts pressure on the children to work to provide food for themselves and their families. There are many opportunities cropping up in India; which are eluding and will continue to elude the inhabitants of these regions unless they get access to quality education.

Selection Criteria of Students:
Students are selected for the TSS program under an open and transparent process, conducted and monitored by a central selection committee of MUKTI. The following are the features of the selection process:
# The selection is based on both the merit of the student as well as his/her financial situation.
# Each student is given a form to fill up with the following information:personal details, educational details (current & past) and family details.
# The details in the form are extensively verified. The school teachers’ feedback is an important indicator of the student’s academic history.Local knowledge and feedback is gathered to verify the family details, especially those regarding financial condition. The local Mukti coordinator will verify the student’s financial condition; and the respective section will be filled up in the form.
# Minimum criteria are set 70% marks in the MP/HS exam.
# The approximate annual income of the family is used as an indicator to determine the family’s (in)ability to provide adequate financial support for their child.
#Student should have a bank account to receive money from Mukti; if required, MUKTI will help the student to open bank account.
# Application collection last date is 30th June of every year.
# Selection list will be published by 15th July of every year.
# Sponsor list will be published by 30th August of every year.

Budget and Overhead:
# School fees.
# Textbooks (outgoing students are requested to donate old text books to needy students coming in next year).
# Other essentials like exercise books, pen, pencil etc.
# School uniforms, if required.
# Food and lodging expenses, if required.
# Private tuition, if required; though this practice is not promoted by MUKTI.

Over and above the assessed budget, there is an overhead cost for each student, covering the following expenses:
# Accounting, auditing, stationery, communication and other office expenses.
# Minimum expenses for selected students who are awaiting sponsorship (or do not have a sponsor for the year).
# Continuing expenses for students whose sponsorship is discontinued from sponsors’ end for any reason.

The sponsorship amount is the sum of the assessed budget and the overhead.The budget, overhead and sponsorship amounts are tabulated below:

Stream of study Annual budget per student (INR) Annual overhead per student (INR) Annual sponsorship per student (INR)
Science/Engineering/Medical 12,000 1,500 13,500
Arts 6,000 750 6,750

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