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Total 15 students from Sunderban area were sponsored in this year

Talented Student Sponsorship (TSS) is one such program of MUKTI, operating in the Sundarvans and Bankura regions of West Bengal. It identifies talented students who are in need of financial support for continuing their education; and provides them with funds necessary to continue studies.

Education is considered by most as a birthright of every child. Education builds minds; and thoughtful, creative, sensitive and energetic minds are needed to build a nation’s future. MUKTI has taken the above tenet to heart. It is committed to improve education, develop social and environmental awareness and foster community development in the low-income, underdeveloped communities of India, including some of the remotest villages of West Bengal.

Selection Criteria:
The selection of students is based on both means and merit. The following criteria are used for selecting students for TSS funding:
– Past results from school exams and feedback from their respective school teachers are indicators of the student’s ability.
– Local knowledge and feedback is utilized to appraise a family’s financial situation.

The approximate annual income of the family is used an indicator to determine the family’s inability to provide adequate financial support for their child.

Budget Details:
Budget Details The assessed annual budget per student is 5,000 INR. This amount takes care of the following:
# All required textbooks will be purchased and provided to students by Mukti.
# Other required expenses like school fees, exercise books, pen, pencil etc will be provided.
# A school uniform will be provided to each student.
# A small amount is provided to each student on a monthly basis to provide for some basic necessities such as nourishment (INR 100).

Project Management & Feedback
Mukti will be gathering feedback on a routine basis through its network of volunteers. This activity will be coordinated by Mukti’s regional Education Coordinator. Performance indicators such as updated school results will be gathered; feedback from school teachers will be solicited as necessary. Mukti will track on-going needs for each student and will communicate this to sponsoring individuals/agencies to ensure that there is no interruption in a child’s’ education. Mukti will also elicit local feedback on the financial ituation of the families.

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