Plant a tree on birthday


There are around 3 trillion trees on our planet

These trees are helping to sustain life by releasing oxygen to absorbing carbon emission. And we know carbon emission is increasing the temperature of our planet and endangering our lives. Apart from that, we all know that trees are a natural air conditioner, natural heater, flood preventer, property value increaser, and whatnot.

We are losing around 55,000 trees every minute. So literally it will take only 100 years to finish all the existing trees!

On the other hand today there are around 7.7 billion people on earth. And it is expected to be at 11 billion in the next 100 years!

Around 130 million people born every year! So where will they live?

Now half of the world's population lives in the cities, and that is going to be increased by about 70% by 2050. This means the cities will have to expand, and there will be fewer trees and more greenhouse gases. Concrete and machines like Cars and Air Conditioners in cities increase the environmental temperature as we know. Hence it is pretty clear that we are going to need a lot of trees if we hope to build large sustainable cities. How can we do it?

Let’s take a small step towards this and plant a tree every year on our birthdays.

How many trees can be planted with this concept? As per the average life expectancy - if we live approx 70 years then we can plant around 70 trees in an individual lifetime.

And there are around 18 million people celebrating their birthday on any given day. So the same number of trees can be planted every day!

Do we have so much land to plant the trees? Yes! We have. We can have 3 times trees than we have today, i.e. we can have around 9 to 10 trillion trees on our planet without affecting the agricultural land and cities.

What are the options you have to plant a tree hassle-free with minimum effort and ensure that the tree is growing right?

You may have mostly two options - either you do it yourself if you have that provision around you. Or you may take the help of an NGO, like us, working for this sincerely.

Plant a Tree

  • 3 Trillion

    Trees in our planet!

  • 55,000

    Trees we lose in every minute!

  • 130 Million

    People born every year!

  • 75 Trees

    A person can contribute in his/her lifetime.

  • 18 Million

    People celebrationg their birthday on any given day!

  • 3 Times Trees

    Can be increased without affecting our cities and agriculture - we have sufficient land!

At Mukti, we can help you in -

  • Finding the land and right sapling.
  • Planting, protecting, and nurturing the sapling in a way that a needy person can also be benefited out of it.
  • Sending you regular updates about the sapling.
  • Replacing any dead sapling until your contribution turns into a self-sustainable tree.
  • Reminding you on your every birthday for a new plantation.

The overall cost should not be more than a pizza or your birthday cake price.

Cost per individual plantation

₹350 per sapling cost including remote plantation with replacement guarantee.

₹50 per update about the plant with photographs over WhatsApp (optional).

Cost per birthday party plantation

  • We will go to your home within 10 KM range in Kolkata.
  • We will carry five saplings and five pots with soil per order quantity.
  • You will plant the saplings in the pots and give back to us to plant them again permanently on a proper land or location.
  • There will be three updates of the planted trees in the first year.
  • This item will cost ₹2000 per order quantity.
  • This item is best to celebrate tree plantation in your birthday party to have a more significant impact on social awareness to make the planet a greener one.
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