" Samir Dutta, Sydney, Australia"

I fully support Mukti's latest project, MCDF which will provide financial help to the womenfolk in remote villages to establish small scale business enterprise. This would help improve their family's income, generate self-confidence and improve their social standing in the local community. This is a rudimentary but important step in to-day's India where gender bias is so prevalent and women are victims of discrimination and various forms of abuse.

" Pronab Ganguly , Sydney, Australia"

I support Mukti’s latest project,MCDF as I believe in Swami Vivekananda’s saying that upliftment of poor and downtrodden women is the key for emancipation of the nation.

" Jasmine Walia, Sydney, Australia"

I think it is a good opportunity where I can help to empower woman,who needs help to run their household and to provide basic needs for their family.

" Saunak Bhattacharyya, Chennai"

No matter how successful we become professionally, we have some questions to be answered to our almighty, community and society. I strongly believe that each human being is a replica of myself. I work for humanity because all sorrows of this world is mine. Work areas I have great interest and keenly work are providing education to slum children, serving the 'poorest of the poors', women rights, shelter for old citizens and protecting the environment & natural resources. In my life, I prioritize these voluntary work above and before my family, my job and all other things.

" Mitra Das, Sydney, Australia"

I strongly support Mukti’s project, MCDF. This group effort will help to uplift the socio-economic clause of the underprivileged families in remote villages. Mukti’s endeavor can develop the social foothold of deprived women in rural part of India, which is a great social transfer indeed.

" Dr. Dibyendu Sen-Gupta, Author"

Dear all,

What an wonderful day I had with four most delightful young people, I met Anup, Madan, Rajib and Kankabati for the first time and I must say I was most impressed with their positivities and their spirits. They were of course bit shy to start with but during lunch they opened up and talked freely. They talked about their apprehension, their aspiration and their joy of their new college lives. I felt so privileged to be a part of their lives and they are of mine.

Thanks to you all at MUKTI for making me so welcome and showering me with flowers, gifts, sandesh and photo shoot. You all are doing wonderful work serving the deprived communities keep up with your good work. One person I have not met so far is Srijita hope to see her soon.

Warmest regards, Dr. Dibyendu Sen-Gupta

" Saunak Bhattacharyya, Author,TheBetterIndia.com,Kolkata"

Namaskar Srijita, Sukanya, Pampa & Others in TSS team,

Post our ‘roti-kapda-maakan’ requirements comes the need of knowledge. Knowledge that unveils the cover from the unknown. Knowledge that helps an individual stand in her/his feet. “Education is the biggest leveler of the society” and I too believe ‘Vidya Daan’ is equally important as ‘Anna Daan’.

This is a tremendous team work by you people. We donors are so happy knowing you all. You do such hard work that brings immense values in these 100 students life and their families. I am glad to the all mighty to support a program that is run by such dedicated & efficient people. Thank you so much for this status report, FB updates & continous communication. Not only me but other TSS sponsors like Ramesh babu, Dr. Bagchi, Anantha, Aurottam, etc. are all happy the way this program functions. Keep it up, as we scale this program further.

Lastly, owing to the great service by you all – MUKTI is getting credit-ability. May the all mighty bestow you all limitless energy to continue run this noble initiative and be successful in your life.

Regards, Saunak.

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