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Mukti Increases Members in SHG to Spread across Women Empowerment

Women’s Self-Help Groups (SHGs) have increasingly been used as a vehicle for social, political, and economic empowerment as well as a platform for service delivery. SHGs are “membership-based organizations” whose members provide each other with mutual support while attempting to achieve individual objectives through access to savings and loans and linkages to banks as well as collective objectives through community action. Each SHG typically consists of 10–12 poor women from similar socio-economic backgrounds who live near each other, meet regularly, and save small amounts of money in a common account.


However, these groups are increasingly being leveraged by Mukti as a platform for reaching communities to strengthen rural livelihoods, improve women’s empowerment and agency, increase demand for – and accountability of – public entitlements, and deliver information on health and nutrition.

Old members of Mukti women SHG –

Gram Panchayat Block Number of SHG  Number of Members
Purba Sridharpur Mathurapur II 215 2150
Raidighi I Mathurapur II 135 1350
Raidighi II Mathurapur II 184 1840
Radhakantapur Mathurapur II 110 1100
Sonatikari Jaynagar II 112 1120
Kultali Kultali 156 1560
Herembogopalpur Patharpratima 135 1350
G-Plot Patharpratima 47 470
8 GPs 4 Blocks 1094




New members of Mukti women SHG –

Gram Panchayat Block Number of SHG  Number of Members
Sridharnagar Patharpratima 110 1100
Purnachandrapur Patharpratima 320 3200
Krishnachandrapur Mathurapur I 579 5790
3 GPs 2 Blocks 1009





At present Mukti has 2103 SHGs with 21030 team members.

They have started taking loan from banks and are engaged in the Mukti nurseries. In near future Mukti has plan to increase the number of women SHG in Sunderban.

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