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Medical Aid for the Amphan affected population by Mukti in Sunderban

Disaster has both acute and chronic effects on the physical and mental health of the affected population. In the aftermath of disaster injuries, spread of communicable diseases and worsening of non-communicable diseases is common.

Mukti in association with the donors, “Rural Health Care Foundation” and “Kolkata Foundation” set many medical camps to provide medical relief in the Amphan-affected areas of Sunderban.

Medical records were created and kept for all patients examined at the camps. A note of presenting complaints, provisional diagnosis as well as medicine prescribed and intervention done were recorded.

Mukti volunteers also make an effort to educate the patient and local public regarding prevention of infectious disease spread, safe drinking water, wearing masks and sanitization practices (Covid-19 pandemic) apart from treatment.

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Village Name Gram Panchayat Block Number of Patients Treated Number of


Prasadpur Swami Vivekananda Kakdwip 89 267
Bishalaxmipur Budhakahli Namkhana 88 264
Bishalaxmipur, Purano Shibmandir Budhakhali Namkhana 94  


Koshtala Muriganga I Sagar 111 333
Shibpur Dhablat Sagar 102 306
Harinbari Ramkarchawk Sagar 133 399
Jibantala Rudranagar Sagar 60 180

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Jogendrapur Kankandighi Mathurapur II 81 243
Damkal Mondal Para Nagendrapur Mathurapur II 60


Damkal Halder Para Nagendrapur Mathurapur II 109 327
Dakaitmara Krishnachandrapur Mathurapur I 202 606
Nalua Nalua Mathurapur I 153 459
Dakshin Kashinagar (1No Geri) Herembogopalpur Patharpratima 32 96
Purbasurendranagar Herembogopalpur Patharpratima 53 159
Dakshin Shibgang Dakshin Shibgang Patharpratima 50 150
Dakshin Shibgang Natun Geri Patharpratima Patharpratima 74 222
Madhya Gurguria Ghurghuria Bhubaneswari Kultali 57 171
Purba Gurguria Ghurghuria


Kultali 61


Sankijahan Gopal Gunj Kultali 107 321
Kantamari Deulbari debipur Kultali 154 462
20 villages 15 GPs 7 Blocks 1870 6093


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