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Help Us to Raise Funds

MUKTI not just needs the money, Mukti needs your support in the way you can. We welcome each individuals to donate your support, ideas, effort and time to make our mission of helping the needy people of India successful. Mukti’s projects are dependent on your valuable contributions. If you would like to support our efforts to find everlasting solutions to poverty, hunger and injustice, make a contribution today.

Volunteer Your Time

It may be difficult to provide cash during this economic hard time. Mukti encourages everyone to donate your time which is great help to your cause. You can spend your valuable time with our other volunteers to discuss about what we can do or how we are doing today. Come and visit the project sites. We need your valuable time to help us to write various fund raising proposals. We encourage you to spend time with our students under Talented Students Sponsorship program and tell your success stories and moral of your life so that they will get motivated. Come and volunteer as teacher for our Coaching center programs.

You can Make a Difference

If you interested in any of the above, please feel free to contact us – Click here

There are many ways how you can involve yourself with our noble cause. We believe everyone is good in something. Realise your potential and help mankind with the expertise you have. Following are couple of areas where you can help Mukti:

Volunteer your Expertise

  • Proposal Writer – You can help in this regard where Mukti need to write various fund raising proposals to various organizations across the globe.
  • Content Writer – Regularly we send to well-wishers and publish various reports/news on our website about our different ongoing projects. You can help us writing those content after collecting information from project sites.
  • Web Developer – Our website is a great spoke-person of our activities. We maintain our projects through our website. You can help us by maintaining or developing our website.
  • Project Manager – Need good project managers for our various ongoing projects across various places in India.
  • Fund Raiser – You can help us by raising fund if you have expertise in conducting fund raising events.

If you interested in any of the above, please feel free to contact us – Click here

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