Mukti’s Vision is to create such an environment whereby any and every individual is able to sustain with change-environment and look forward to a promising future.

TSS_Student Sponsor meeting with Mr.Saunak Bhattacharyya on January 2018

As per the plans, Mr. Saunak Bhattacharyya from Chennai had visited the MUKTI city office on 10th January 2018 for the student-sponsor meeting. Mr. Bhattarchyya wanted to meet 6 students as a representative of Mr. Surojit Sural, Mr. Harikesh Sing and Ms. Mohita Tagore.

Mr. Bhattarchyya is sponsoring 2 science category students, Tanusree Middya and Banasree Loha; Tanushee is pursuing Diploma in Neuro-electro Physiology, Banasree is pursuing B.Sc. in nursing. Out of 6 students Banasree could not come for the meeting due to her on going exam. The meeting was attended by Tanusree Middya, Barun Kr. Ari, Dolon Koley, Shuvendu Mondal & Monisha Halder.

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