Mukti’s Vision is to create such an environment whereby any and every individual is able to sustain with change-environment and look forward to a promising future.

TSS Grooming Session on 09.12.2017 with Mr. & Mrs. Bagchi

MUKTI arranged a Grooming Session at MUKTI City Office on 9.12.2017. The session was attended by 7 students from various categories of TSS. It was facilitated by Mr. and Mrs.Niladri Bagchi. The session was started with a hand out for the students on interview skills and a self-reflection with 3 strengths by each participant. The facilitators explained the purpose of the session and did a mock interview among themselves on a 'bad' and a 'good' interview. The basic skills required for a successful interview were discussed. Each of the participants were interviewed and they were shown videos on their performances. Discussions on each were made and suggestions were given on areas of improvement. Students enjoyed the session thoroughly and requested for more sessions in the coming days.

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