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Mukti TSS Student Sponsor meeting with Mr. David Sengupta

As per the plans, Mr. David Sengupta had a wonderful meeting with his sponsored students at the New Town Eco Park on 20th January 2018 .

Mr. Sen Gupta is currently sponsoring 4 students of all categories. Out of the 4 students Kankabati Mondal , Anup Mridha , Rajib Gayen & Moumita Sultana had attended the meeting.

One thing Dr. Sengupta wanted to meet his another student , Madan Mondal (MBBS 2nd year student) who was being sponsored by himself also attended that meeting .Madan expressed that the sponsorship amount is not necessary to him & wished give it any other needy student from now onward .
After the meeting as per the plans,all of them together left for lunch arranged by Mr.David Sengupta himself.

They all spent a lot of time at Eco Park. They ate at Cafe Ekante at noon , Boating the lake and did the Duo cycling.They all enjoyed a lot together.

All the students were glad to meet Dr. Sen Gupta. Dr. Sen Gupta was very happy to see everyone.

Few photos of the meeting are being shared with all.

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