COVID19 Essential Items Distribution Initiative

Distribution of Essential Items among the Needy

Mukti is serving essential items in Sundarban (Mathurapur-II, Patharpratima, Kultali, Joynagar-II, Mathurapur-I blocks) for thousands of households who are in upmost need in this situation. So far (as of 15-APR-2020) 2,650 people of Sunderban received essential items from MUKTI. Thousands of people are in upmost need of support. MUKTI is supporting them with rice, dal, potato, soap, cooking oil, salt and biscuits. Mukti is also supporting Mask and Sanitizer to all front line workers like Police, Health worker, NGO worker and volunteers.


Distribution of Masks

Mukti is supporting with mask and sanitizer to all front-line workers like police, health workers, NGO workers and volunteers. We are committed to work for 50,000 People. We have already distributed about 12,650 above two items and 10,000 more are planned. We are looking for support of 25,000 more such items.


Awareness Creation

Mukti is working on awareness of common people especially on tube well usage where all village women come for taking drinking water. Mukti is providing bucket, mug and Detol soap for daily use to sanitize. Also created circle marking for women standing in distance of 1 meter to maintain social distance. Mukti has undertaken and implemented this for 500 tueb wells so far.


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