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Village Beautification- A Wonderful Initiative By Mukti
Published On: April 25, 2016
Mukti's Go Green initiative has planned for village beautification and plantation in Raidighi village. The pilot project has been started on 19th March with plantation of almost 200 plants in 7 road side houses. They were mostly flower plants. However, some percentage of fruit & ornamental plants were also planted. ... Read More...

Tree Plantation And Distribution Ceremony At Kulpi, Sunderban
Tree Plantation Project by MUKTI at Raidighi, Sunderban across 3.5 acre of Land
Save The Sunderban Activities
Sundarban Dibas (Day) 2010 Celebration
Save The Sunderban campaing is continued-Uttarpara, Kolata on 20 Dec 09.
Control Global Warming, Save the Sunderban Rally


Sundarban, the delta of the river Ganges in the south 24 paraganas of West Bengal state in India is one of the wonders on earth. A lush green forest of mangroves with its natural inhabitant, the well-known Royal Bengal tiger, made it attractive, curious and famous. Due to Pollution and global warming the delta is submerging slowly into the Bay of Bengal. Hence, the existence of this delta and its habitants are in great danger. Mukti along with Government of West Bengal has taken some steps to make awareness in people regarding this threat.

Project Purpose/Goal
We are trying to raise the awareness at impact (community) level in rural settings as the bio-diversity hotspot rather than the effect level (climate change agents). Climate change intervention should be started from community level empowering community people rather than the effect level (who are causing global warming). We believe working with community could at least influence people to change behaviors to avoid non-climate practices.

Project Details
According to WWF study rise of 28 centimeter in sea levels is enough to wash the World Heritage Mangrove forest Sunderban and its habitants. And it won’t take more that 50 to 90 years for this disaster to take place if Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimation of sea level rise is taken into consideration.

The Fact

Climate change caused by global warming to be twofold increasing concentration of green house gases resulted from human activity e.g. fossil fuel burning and deforestation and global dimming resulted from increasing concentration of atmospheric aerosols.

Developed nations have to realise they must cut carbon emissions. It's the people of Sunderbans who are payingthe price for no reason.

Climate Change predicts that extreme weather, along with just a 45 cm rise in sea level would submerge 75 percent of the Sunderbans.

Climate and Energy expert said "the sinking Sunderban islands are one of the first climate hotspots in India. It sets a precedent for the impacts of sea level rise which poor populations in low lying coastal India will face in coming. Increased displacement of people due to loss of habitation and land will increase India's count of climate refugees and add to the burden of poverty under which we are already reeling. At this critical juncture where we only have eight years to act, strong and time bound mitigation measures must accompany measures for adaptation".


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Sunderban Dibas (Day) 2010
Sunderban Dibas (Day) 2010
Save the Sunderban Campaign at Uttarpara
Save the Sunderban Campaign at Uttarpara
Save the Sunderban Rally at Kolkata
Save the Sunderban Rally at Kolkata


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