Setting up a Book Bank for under privileged students

Considering literacy rate in the poor village and financial condition of villagers Mukti has decided to set up a Book Bank for 2500 students to provide school text books to the really needy ones. Details of the project are given below:

Location Two Gram Panchayats (Nagendrapur, Kankandighi)
No. of Beneficial Students 2500 (from five high schools in 32 villages)
Student Grade From class V (Five) to Graduation
Project Phase I For 150 students. Completed in April 2004
Project Phase II For 650 students. Completed in May 2005
Project Phase III For 1800 students. Completed on May 2006
Project Phase IV For 2500 students. Will be completed by May 2007

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Sponsorship of Talented Students through MUKTI

This is on of the many good projects supported by MUKTI for the betterment of our society. Lack of education is one of the major causes of economic backwardness and helplessness of the people in Sunderbans, similar to the poorest regions of the world. Towards a goal of eradicating illiteracy in the region, and to encourage young talented children not only to complete school with good grades but also to go for graduate studies, MUKTI has been facilitating sponsorship of talented students.

This project is known as 'Talented Students Sponsorship'. To know more about this project please visit our TSS project home page by clicking here.

Patrons interested in sponsoring children are requested to contact MUKTI by visiting this page - TSS Sponsorship